I’ve never pretended I knew everything. In class, in my extracurriculars, or my personal pet projects. I’m not great at asking for help, either, but I find things out - I look things up, I test by trial and error, and I bang on it until I either cave in and ask for help or the magical cogs click into place and things work the way I expect them to.

In each challenge that matters to me, in each different situation I face, I try. Sometime it isn’t good enough - sometimes I get that B instead of that A, or take an extra three months to get the damn server doing what I want it to. But sometimes that effort spent trying to fix things… fighting to get things done my way, is what makes that success so much more triumphant - or that failure somewhat less harsh.

I’m trying to be better about it, actually. To be better about asking for advice, so that I can trim those three weeks of fighting with Apache down to two days, or to find the shortcut around brute-forcing a problem set. And maybe I’ll find that I learn just as much, and the answers given will stick with me as well as the answers I find myself. And maybe - just maybe - the victories will taste as sweet.

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