SXSW 2008 must-remember moments

Highlights from this crazy, ridiculous party:


  • Sharing a great lunch after the “Startup or Sellout” Conversation with new friends
  • Eating a late dinner and catching up with Amy and Michael
  • Impromptu wine party with Gary of Wine Library TV
  • Walking halfway across Austin for 16bit
  • Tricking the bouncer with fake laminates at the PureVolume party with Causes guys


  • Catching up with more old LimeWire friends over an excellent Mexican (and expensed) lunch
  • Hearing Mark Zuckerberg and Sara Lacy make awkward conversation at the SXSW keynote
  • Enjoying another Kathy Sierra talk
  • Listening to the guys from talk about their ridiculous story
  • Chatting up random Austinites and trying to stay warm


  • Running in the rain to lunch with lots of interaction design folks from AOL, Google, and CafeMom (whose sister goes to MIT - small world!)
  • Watching Frank Warren give his (warm fuzzy-filled) keynote and seeing a proposal happen in front of our eyes :)
  • Listening to Mark Zuckerberg field more questions (relevant and otherwise) at Facebook Developer Garage
  • Watching guys talk about their product! Love simplicity + not having to register to do simple things
  • Having dinner with the Chief Cheezburger of ICanHasCheezburger, receiving career advice, and receiving a much-needed shove in the pants
  • Partying the night away until my 7:00am flight tomorrow morning!

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