I think I wrote something awhile back about good companies vs. good people - but what about good companies vs. good work? I just finished up a conversation with a friend who’s in the situation of being in love with the company he works at, but hates the tedious, somewhat degrading, but admittedly necessary work he actually does there. (Yes, he was an intern - but what an awful experience to have, and lesson to be taught!)

When should you sacrifice your own happiness / career development / intellectual stimulation for a product you’re excited about? Can you love the product and love the work? Or does loving the product just blind you to what you’re doing (and vice versa)?

I suppose it all boils down to how idealistic you are. Is this going to be the game-changer? Is there really nowhere else as, or almost as, exciting - but where you get to do interesting and challenging work? I usually think so - he may not. How does loyalty play into this - when are you obligated to stay with a company when you’re only being satisfied ideologically and not intellectually? (I say almost never - or that it’s only up to you to effect a change so that you are intellectually satisfied. But I’m only selectively idealistic, and incredibly selfish when it comes to my development.)

(p.s. - failed a bit with blogging once a week - but hopefully I can put something up soon about last weekend, which I spent at Startup Weekend, and get back on track.)

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